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New Year New Goals

02 Jan New Year! New Goals!

It’s that time when we think about making goals, and what we’d like to do differently in the year ahead. For me it’s about making a plan, setting some goals, and having the insight to move the posts and outcomes if I need too. GOAL SETTING IS CHOOSING A MOUNTAIN TO CLIMB I think of setting goals as a bit like preparing to climb a mountain; the goal is getting to the top but that’s not always possible. It...

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When did you last take a break to celebrate your successes?  At this time of year, regardless of whether you're an educator, a student, a parent or a business person, it can be hard to find the time.  However, acknowledging even your smallest victories is crucial, and it can also help set you up to meet bigger and bolder goals.  There are many reasons why celebrating success is so important in the William Pike Challenge Awards. I urge...

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20 Nov EASY EOTC – Time to take learning outside the classroom

With summer fast approaching, and end of year classroom cabin fever, you might want to consider some ways to take teaching outside. So, why do I encourage outdoor learning? If nothing else it will break up the day and provide an interesting change of pace. However studies have shown that outside learning relieves stress, naturally inspires children to be more physically active, and can provide a hands-on learning experience - take a look. If you’re up for a challenge,...

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Culture Insights That Can Help You In The Classroom.

16 Nov Corporate Culture Insights That Can Help You In The Classroom.

I am fortunate to visit many of New Zealand’s most highly performing organisations as an inspirational speaker. Over time, I've noticed some common themes in the corporate culture of these companies, and I reckon they play a big part in underpinning their success. Once a teacher now an entrepreneur, I've often reflected that the ingredients that make an outstanding company culture are not only relevant to building a positive classroom culture but are directly transferable. Here are my favourites. Culture...

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10 Nov One of 40 inspiring alumni aged 40 and under

Becoming a teacher was never a career option William Pike had considered. A three times national water polo champion at school, a keen sportsman and someone who loved the outdoors, his education was focused much more outside rather than inside the classroom, freely admitting that he “didn’t take school too seriously.” Leaving school and securing a job at a local dive shop seemed a good fit with his interests until a friend suggested William join him at teachers college....

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