William Pike at Te Aroha College

28 Feb Te Aroha College students kept on the edge of their seats

The first WPCA launch presentation of 2019 was held at Te Aroha College, a new school to the William Pike Challenge Award who are doing it with their whole group of year nines! Read on to find out more about their WPCA launch presentation and their year ahead doing the William Pike Challenge Award. William Pike brings the WPCA to the Waikato Leaving Auckland really early in the morning to beat the traffic, William says he “was feeling pretty...

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28 Feb Inspire your students with a WPCA launch presentation

A WPCA launch presentation is incredibly valuable. Not only for your students who are doing the William Pike Challenge Award, but for your staff, your school and younger students too. Find out why you should have a WPCA launch presentation at your school with our top FIVE reasons below. 1. It's a fantastic way to introduce the WPCA The main purpose of a WPCA launch presentation is to introduce the William Pike Challenge Award to the students who are...

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WPCA group of boys huddled together with helmets on

12 Sep Why it’s important to build resilience in youth

Resilience. It’s one word, but a quality that will change your life. But what is resilience? I see resilience as being able to bounce back from unexpected changes and challenges. And it’s essential for our children and their future success. It's vital that they build resilience from a young age. My own experience on Ruapehu has made it crucial to understand resilience. I’ve found that when obstacles come at you from out of the blue, success or failure depends...

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08 Jul Unitec evaluation on the Challenge Award

How does the William Pike Challenge Award help young people? Researchers at Unitec have uncovered the benefits of the William Pike Challenge Award! Their new study evaluated the William Pike Challenge Award and how it develops youth in a positive way. The study looked at how the Award grows skills, builds good relationships and helps young people to get involved and lead. The researchers focused on confidence, competence, connection, caring, character and contribution. These ‘Six Cs’ are used around the...

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Reading helps young people explore

05 Jun Reading helps young people explore

Reading is one of the best ways for young people to explore Right now, fewer young people read daily than ever before. Luckily, initiatives like ‘The Big Read’ are helping to get kids reading more. The Big Read gives everyone the chance to share a common adventure by reading the same story. Kiwi schools are embracing the idea because when young people explore through books, it helps them develop in lots of meaningful ways. Young people can explore...

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22 May Community Service – Good for Everyone

Students reap many benefits from community service. There is a raft of studies that show volunteering improves your health, wellbeing, problem-solving skills, and your ability to work in a team. However, the best endorsement comes from those who’ve done it. William Pike Challenge Awardees have heaps of good stories to share about the benefits of community service. Community service builds appreciation At Kimihia School, students have taken on activities ranging from communal knitting projects and coaching sports teams...

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10 Apr Explore more for problem solving skills

Problem-solving has never been a more important skill for our young people to develop. Today, change is happening incredibly fast, and we must equip our students for an unknowable future. What type of problem-solving should we be teaching? Problem-solving is more than completing maths problems. Problem-solving is finding your way through difficult circumstances, overcoming challenges, thinking creatively to improve situations, and figuring out how to meet goals. Fortunately, we can help our young people enjoy growing these skills by...

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07 Feb Tweens, Screens and WPCA

Do you ever worry about the impact of all that screen-time on our kids and how it might affect their well-being and their futures?  If you do, you're not alone. Even Steve Jobs and Bill Gates set screen-time limits for their children.  Research is continuing to prove that digitisation of our lives could have some dire outcomes unless we equip our kids well. Skills for the future For me, it's a privilege to be helping young Kiwis develop skills...

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New Year New Goals

02 Jan New Year! New Goals!

It’s that time when we think about making goals, and what we’d like to do differently in the year ahead. For me it’s about making a plan, setting some goals, and having the insight to move the posts and outcomes if I need too. GOAL SETTING IS CHOOSING A MOUNTAIN TO CLIMB I think of setting goals as a bit like preparing to climb a mountain; the goal is getting to the top but that’s not always possible. It...

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When did you last take a break to celebrate your successes?  At this time of year, regardless of whether you're an educator, a student, a parent or a business person, it can be hard to find the time.  However, acknowledging even your smallest victories is crucial, and it can also help set you up to meet bigger and bolder goals.  There are many reasons why celebrating success is so important in the William Pike Challenge Awards. I urge...

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20 Nov EASY EOTC – Time to take learning outside the classroom

With summer fast approaching, and end of year classroom cabin fever, you might want to consider some ways to take teaching outside. So, why do I encourage outdoor learning? If nothing else it will break up the day and provide an interesting change of pace. However studies have shown that outside learning relieves stress, naturally inspires children to be more physically active, and can provide a hands-on learning experience - take a look. If you're up for a challenge,...

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Culture Insights That Can Help You In The Classroom.

16 Nov Corporate Culture Insights That Can Help You In The Classroom.

I am fortunate to visit many of New Zealand’s most highly performing organisations as an inspirational speaker. Over time, I've noticed some common themes in the corporate culture of these companies, and I reckon they play a big part in underpinning their success. Once a teacher now an entrepreneur, I've often reflected that the ingredients that make an outstanding company culture are not only relevant to building a positive classroom culture but are directly transferable. Here are my favourites. Culture...

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