Discover why purpose drives us to achieve extraordinary things and how I, as a motivational speaker, can harness this for you.

As a motivational speaker, I believe it’s essential to include stories and messages on purpose for my keynote presentations.

Here’s why. The first mountain I ever climbed was Mt. Tongariro, I was 20 years old. On the way down the penny dropped. I realised that the things that mattered to me most were family, friends, people, the outdoors and education. No suprises, my purpose has been centred around my family, friends, exploring the great outdoors and educating people.

Soon after climbing Mt. Tongariro, I began a roller coaster ride that includes losing a leg in a volcanic eruption, mountaineering in Antarctica, starting a family, becoming a motivational speaker.

Knowing my purpose has given me the self belief, courage and the confidence to face up to massive challenges and change. This has enabled me to have extraordinary experiences and achieve amazing things. For example, sitting in hospital with a freshly amputated leg, I was on the verge of giving up in and becoming a couch potato. But the pull of the mountains, fun times with friends, and educating people was just too strong. My purpose was enough to force me out of bed and reclaim my life.

Keeping it relatable with my audiences.

As a motivational speaker, I have been fortunate to present to hundreds of corporate and business events over the years. Some of my clients include Air New Zealand, Nike, BT Financial, Schneider Electric, Westpac, Under Armour and more. Time and time again, those organisations who are the most successful, have a clear organisational purpose that brings their teams and individuals together for success. I love sharing my experiences of how my purpose has led me to success and make this relatable for my audiences.

Recently, I was invited to be a motivational speaker at Deloitte’s National Graduate Induction. Deloitte’s purpose is to make an impact that matters and this has propelled them to be an undisputed leader in professional services. Part of my brief was to challenge the 170 graduates to be a part of their company’s purpose. Additionally, I was asked to challenge the graduates to be crystal clear on their own purpose. This will help them navigate the ups and downs of entering the workforce, and achieving their absolute best.

As you, your company and colleagues navigate the ups and downs of business and life, remember that aligning people with purpose is essential to achieving the extraordinary. I will inspire and motivate your people to focus on their purpose and achieve excellence. I constantly strive to be the best speaker I can be. I do this by working with professional speaker bureaus, getting a comprehensive brief from my clients and tailoring my messages. Purpose is just one of many topics and messages I share as a motivational speaker. If you’re interested in having me speak at your next event, get in contact now to avoid missing out.