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Inspirational speaker William Pike inspires, motivates and shocks audiences with his collection of remarkable stories including surviving a freak Mount Ruapehu volcanic eruption. An eruption which claimed one of his legs, but left his drive to succeed and passion for adventure unscathed.

The underlying theme of William’s message as an inspirational speaker is how critical it is to step outside of your comfort zone to overcome challenge, change and achieve extraordinary things.

“Nothing great was ever achieved inside your comfort zone.”

Barfoot and Thompson

“William, just a short note to thank you sincerely for the wonderful opening address you gave at our convention. Your story was truly fascinating and you gripped the 2200 strong crowd for the entire 45 minutes you spoke. The feedback has been wonderful! I congratulate you on the Trust you have set up and look forward to hearing more on it.

- Peter Thompson

Under Armour

"We felt the night needed something different, something memorable, an event that would stay with our customers. I initially thought a guest speaker would be a little over the top, how wrong I was! William was able to deliver his story and more importantly his message in an incredibly personal way. People hung to every word, grimaced with William's descriptions of his ordeal and laughed as life and death situations were made light. Overall William's presentation was incredibly professional and entertaining. The key takeaways were, challenge yourself every day, step outside your comfort zone and set big goals in whatever your journey may be."

- Sam Callen

The Icehouse

"Compelling and frank, his interaction with the crowd and approachable demeanour immediately set everyone at ease and open to engaging with William. He practices what he preaches with a continual push beyond his comfort zone. I recommend William for any event needing a motivational speaker - from business to sports teams to schools to professionals. He has the ability to genuinely speak to listeners."

- Andy Hamilton

Cancer Society

"Our team were really blown away by William’s story of tragedy and how he turned this around to inspire others to step out of their comfort zone. He convinced everyone that ordinary people can achieve remarkable things with the right focus, attitude, and commitment. William’s story and messages were very relevant for our audience but also his teaching background shone through - he’s a great storyteller who knows how to tailor the story and message to be meaningful and connected to what's important to the audience."

- Shelly Campbell

Pita Pit NZL and AUS

"William is simply an amazing speaker. He inspired everyone to build tight-knit teams, step outside their comfort zone and that purpose drives organisations and people. His humour and audience engagement (especially the leg trick) made his presentation fantastic to listen to! I couldn’t recommend him enough!"

- Duane Dalton and Chris Henderson

Schneider Electric

"I have been fortunate to hear many excellent professional speakers in my career, and William is one of them. He is fantastic at sharing his story, making it not only inspirational but also very entertaining. William nicely ties his key messages into his stories making for easy listening. His drive, motivation and passion for life are infectious and he left a lasting impact on our audience. I highly recommend William as a speaker and his book is a brilliant read too!"

- Ray Dunn

AUT - Interprofessional Healthcare

"William’s presentation was fantastic! For most of the presentation, you could have heard a pin drop, apart from the ‘in sync’ laughter and occasional ooooh and arghhhh from the 200 strong audience. His story was unique, engaging and delivered in such a way that it kept the audience on the edge of their seat. It also emphasised the key conference themes relating to the importance of the patient, their family and collaboration between healthcare providers. All of the delegates loved his presentation and the messages that came from it. It was a wonderful way to end the conference and William was great to work with."

- Brenda Flood

College of Emergency Nurses NZ (CENNZ)

"William Pike was our stand out speaker at the CENNZ conference. I was naively unaware what to expect from William. He was the first to speak and what a way to open the conference. By the end of his presentation,I was blown away. As a nurse, he had such an impact on me personally as he shared his traumatic and completely heart wrenching story. Williams journey highlighted the resilience of the human spirit and how we can overcome adversity - this applies to both our working and personal lives."

- Jenni Falconer

William Buck Accounting

"William surpassed our expectations! His presentation was a classic story with high entertainment value and thought provoking content. Further he’s a true professional. Easy to work with. Arrived early. Stayed late. Wowed everyone. And such a nice guy! I strongly recommend William."

- Kieran Bird

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