How to apply for funding

Wondering how you can apply for funding so the William Pike Challenge Award can be done in your school at little to no cost? We’ve made it easier for you to apply for funding with these resources.

A group of girls wearing helmets for caving

No two funders operate in exactly the same way, but they care a lot about these two things.

They all want to make the biggest impact they can with the money they have available


It’s your job to convince the decision makers that you’re the right organisation to help them do it!

Top tips for successful funding applications

  1. Do your research on funders that are out there. There’s a whopping $3.9 billion available!
  2. Make sure the funders you’re applying to have criteria that match yours.
  3. Apply early and check cut off dates.
  4. Make sure all information is accurate, up to date and to the point.
  5. Explain how the funding will meet a real need in your community. See our useful word bank for more help with this.
  6. You can apply for funding from more than one funder and we recommend three.
  7. Show some financial commitment. It’s best not to apply for 100% of the funds required to any one single funder.
  8. Submit a full quote from us no more than three months old.
  9. Explain in your cover letter why you are only submitting one quote. See our template below.
  10. If you are compiling your own cover letter, remember to thank the funders and link to our website, Facebook page, Instagram account and YouTube channel.
  11. If you are applying for funding and already run the WPCA – attach photos, newsletters etc. with your cover letter to show your programme in action.

See our funding top tips below for an in-depth explanation of each of these points

Download these resources to strengthen your funding application

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