At the William Pike Challenge Award, our vision is to grow a world of young explorers that are ready to take on our rapidly evolving world.

What we believe our kids deserve is a future where they succeed in whatever they take on in life, no matter what obstacles come at them, especially from out of the blue.

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What is the William Pike Challenge Award?

The William Pike Challenge Award is a structured, specialist year-long programme designed for teachers to foster personal development in year 7, 8 & 9 students.

5 Outdoor Activities

20 Hours Community Service

20 Hours Passion Projects

The William Pike Challenge Award is a flexible & easy to follow framework. Students in year 7 ,8 and 9 take part in the William Pike Challenge Award over the school year and are required to engage in outdoor activities, community service and passion projects.

Our programme is designed to empower passionate educators and help reduce their time spent planning, organising, and executing activities. We provide schools with local resources, practical guides and support to deliver purposeful Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC).

Youth development is at the heart of what we do. We digitally track the progress of every student participating in the William Pike Challenge Award, providing measurable outcomes.

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What we provide schools and teachers


Enjoy a personal presentation or video by William Pike and ongoing webinars throughout the year. He’ll tell his story, introduce the programme and inspire your students.


Our online portal, the Challenge Hub, makes planning, executing and measuring EOTC fun and easy. Student progress can also be tracked and measured.

Empower and equip

Empowering and equipping teachers to deliver purposeful Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC). Effectively assisting educators in meeting their KPI / curriculum priorities.


We provide a flexible and easy to follow framework that integrates with your existing curriculum and can be adapted to suit any school around New Zealand.


Our practical guides cover all of the basics, from programme examples to budget planning, we also provide ideas to help plan community service projects and outdoor activities.

On-going support

Our friendly team at the William Pike Challenge Award are here to help at every step. Feel free to get in touch at any point and we'd be happy to help.

We’re making a difference!

  • 70+ schools across New Zealand
  • 2418+ students participating in 2018
  • 350+ outdoor activities
  • 40,000+ hours of community service
  • 40,000+ hours of passion projects

The national curriculum acknowledges that without EOTC, the curriculum’s vision simply couldn’t be achieved.

We all know that EOTC is an essential part of school life, however, there isn’t a fixed programme specified for that exact purpose. That’s where the William Pike Challenge Award comes in.

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All students who finish the William Pike Challenge Award get three months taken off their Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award Bronze major! 

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UNITEC conducted independent research into the William Pike Challenge Award and found that it teaches young people vital life skills. Read more about their findings in our blog.

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