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Our vision is to grow a world of young explorers that are ready to take on our rapidly evolving world.

Join us and together we can empower the youth of tomorrow to explore new places, relationships and skills. Giving our young people fun & active opportunities to develop their self confidence; work as a team; step outside their comfort zone; and connect with their community.

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What is the William Pike Challenge Award?

The William Pike Challenge Award is an inspiring youth development programme that assists individuals, schools & their teachers in fostering personal development among students (year 7-9) through:

5 Outdoor Activities

20 Hours Community Service

Passion Projects

The William Pike Challenge Award is a flexible & easy to follow framework. We provide your school with local resources, practical guides and support to deliver purposeful Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC).

Designed to empower passionate educators and help reduce their time spent planning, organising, and executing activities. Effectively assisting educators in meeting their KPI / curriculum priorities.

Youth development is at the heart of what we do. We don’t make assumptions that we’re achieving our mission, we measure it. Utilising youth development research, design & technology we digitally track the progress of every student participating in the William Pike Challenge Award; providing measurable outcomes.

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What we provide schools and teachers

Personal Presentation

Personal presentation or video presentation to your school by William Pike to tell his story, introduce the challenge award and to inspire & motivate your students.


A flexible and easy to follow framework that integrates with your existing curriculum. Teachers are at the forefront of running the framework, assisted by student leaders that are given key responsibilities to help with the leg work.


Our practical guides cover all of the basics you need to know; key guides such as programme examples, health & safety, required resources, budget planning, parent communication, assigning student leaders and much more.

Empower and equip

Empowering and equipping teachers to deliver purposeful Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC). Effectively assisting educators in meeting their KPI / curriculum priorities.


An online portal for teachers and students. Centralising all of the resources, information & tools into one easy to use space. The Challenge Hub is designed to make planning, executing and measuring EOTC fun and productive.

Tracking and Measurement

Students login to the online portal to document & reflect on their learnings and answer key questions about their experience. Their progress is tracked and measured.


Inspiring teachers and young people through fun & exciting webinars. Hear from positive roles models such as William Pike and other young outstanding kiwis


Why not join one of our Organised Activity Days? Our lists of local outdoor activities, community service areas, passion projects, and supporting organisations continues to grow. Saving you hours of time research.

On-going support

Our team at William Pike Challenge Award are here to assist you. Post integration and setup your teachers will be ready to rock’n roll but we will be here anytime we are needed to provide extra support.

We’re making a difference!

  • 70+ schools across New Zealand
  • 2418+ students participating in 2018
  • 350+ outdoor activities
  • 40,000+ hours of community service
  • 40,000+ hours of passion projects

We are humbled that our programme is seen as a lead-in to the popular Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award.

The William Pike Challenge Award is fast becoming the nationwide provider for schools (years 7-9) seeking advice on outdoor activities, community relations and recreation.

We constantly strive to do better, learning from our community & related organisations; staying up-to-date with the latest research conducted by the Ministry of Youth Development.

Belonging & inclusiveness is core part of the William Pike Challenge Award. We have a strategic relationship with The Halberg Disability Sport Foundation; providing support and resources for young people living with a disability to participate in sport and outdoor recreation.

Our youth development approach

We know that leadership opportunities, volunteering and mentoring experiences, build the strength and resilience of young people, and give them access to new experiences, people and skills.

For positive youth development to occur, young people need a range of experiences including opportunities to:

  • Contribute towards one’s community. This is achieved by the 20+ hours of community service element of the William Pike Challenge Award.
  • Build and master skills – specifically through outdoor activities and passion projects within the William Pike Challenge Award.
  • Develop a sense of mattering – through community service and passion projects as part of the William Pike Challenge Award.
  • Learn how to form close, durable human relationships by engaging with one’s community and working closely with peers, parents and teachers involved in the William Pike Challenge Award.

Interested to know more?

We will send you our Discovery Pack which includes all of the essential information you need to know. Including costs, the on-boarding process, what your school journey with us looks like, and much more.

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