William Pike at Te Aroha College

28 Feb Te Aroha College students kept on the edge of their seats

The first WPCA launch presentation of 2019 was held at Te Aroha College, a new school to the William Pike Challenge Award who are doing it with their whole group of year nines! Read on to find out more about their WPCA launch presentation and their year ahead doing the William Pike Challenge Award.

William Pike brings the WPCA to the Waikato

Leaving Auckland really early in the morning to beat the traffic, William says he “was feeling pretty excited about the WPCA launch presentation at Te Aroha College and looking forward to introducing the programme, especially for the kids who might not have had the opportunity to do something like the William Pike Challenge Award.”

Having never been to that area of the Waikato before, William was impressed with Te Aroha College’s location. “I was admiring their location, in terms of the Kaimai Ranges, they’re literally on their doorstep. They’ve got lots of accessible mountain bike tracks and walking tracks too. I thought they had a pretty good spot, geographically for their William Pike Challenge Award programme, so it was great to see it for myself.”

William Pike in front of the Te Aroha road sign

A special WPCA launch presentation at Te Aroha College

William was able to introduce the William Pike Challenge Award to Te Aroha College year nine students and, at the same time, deliver his inspirational talk to their whole school who were also in attendance. Afterwards a teacher said “Gee those kids were quiet for you!” William kept those students on the edge of their seats! Te Aroha College also invited students from their feeder schools, which will no doubt encourage more students to attend their school and enable them to take part in the WPCA in future years.

WPCA student standing in front of her school holding William's leg

Getting down to Te Aroha and in front of students at the college meant that William could personally inspire them to step outside of their comfort zone so they could develop 21st-century skills to overcome challenge and change that will come their way. He made the students gasp, laugh and think differently about their own individual futures.

A group photo with all of the WPCA students was a must and some students had some questions they wanted to ask William.

A group photo with all Year 9 WPCA students at Te Aroha College

WPCA teacher in charge at Te Aroha College, Sam Mortimer, is really looking forward to getting into the William Pike Challenge Award and had this to say about it:

How does the William Pike Challenge Award fit in with your school’s values?

“We’re trying to grow great students. Young people that are really connected, in leadership positions and who like to challenge themselves. We’re really talking about being motivated, being resilient and being respectful. We think the William Pike Challenge Award fits into all of those things. It’s really important for us to give every year nine student the opportunity to try some new exciting things and learn something through the challenge.”

Teacher in charge for the WPCA standing smiling

How do you see the WPCA fitting within your school’s curriculum?

“We’re really fortunate because we have a smart day programme and in that, the students will get to experience a lot of different things and hopefully find something interesting and find their passion.We believe that once you’ve found your passion, that can help with your career and your whole life. One thing that we’ve found in the last couple of years is that some of our students really need direction. So we’re hoping that working with the year nines in the William Pike Challenge Award, that it will give them a sense of direction and give them opportunities to thin about what they’re passionate about and what they’d like to do with their life.”

What are you looking forward to the most?

“I’m looking forward to it actually happening! And meeting William Pike, it’s been great meeting him today. We’re also really keen to work with our local primary schools, it was just fantastic with our year eights coming here today to hear William speak.”

If you’d like your school to get involved in the William Pike Challenge Award, download our Discovery Pack here. To learn more about a WPCA launch presentation at your school, contact Sally, we’d be more than happy to arrange this with you.

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