25 Aug William Pike Challenge Award goes global.

Media Release

PHOTO OPPORTUNITY: William Pike, author, amputee and New Zealand based Director of theWilliam Pike Challenge Award launches the WPCA on Tuesday 8th September, 7pm at the International School of Koje.

William Pike Challenge Award goes global

A South Korean school will be the first school outside of New Zealand to take part in the William Pike Challenge Award (WPCA).

International School of Koje (ISK) pupils will have the opportunity to take part in sea kayaking, rock climbing, tramping and orienteering as they undertake the challenges to gain the acclaimed award.

“Taking the WPCA from a national to an international programme is a huge milestone,” said WPCA director William Pike who has travelled from New Zealand to launch the award. “I’m absolutely thrilled to bring the WPCA to ISK in South Korea. The WPCA will provide students with a wide range of opportunities to connect with local people and places in their community, to grow and develop as individuals, and to experience the beauty of the outdoors.”

Over the year, students will be participating in 8 outdoor activities, 20 hours of community service and personally develop a new sport or hobby in order to gain the award. The WPCA is a gateway to new experiences, opportunities and a means of developing a positive youth culture for ISK.

The WPCA provides schools with support, resources and motivation to facilitate Education Outside of The Classroom. The WPCA is an outdoor activity-based programme run over one school year.

“The WPCA will support our middle years’ students in developing the dispositions set out in the IMYC Curriculum. The programme will also equip them with skills that will benefit them throughout life. ” said Ms. Lizelle van Wyk.

The challenge provides the students, their families and the wider community tools which not only strengthen the communities they live in, but enables children to grow and become empowered through challenging new experiences and opportunities while learning valuable life lessons.

William knows firsthand the value of being prepared for facing obstacles. He was one of two young climbers caught in a volcanic eruption on the slopes of Mount Ruapehu, in 2007. Pike suffered numerous life threatening injuries, and as a result, his right leg was amputated below the knee.

Today William has an infectious enthusiasm for adventure and life – which is nicely summed up by his autobiography, Every Day’s A Good Day. As a 2014 KiwiBank Local Hero medal recipient and 2015 Young New Zealander of the year semi-finalist, William is a leader and an achiever who resonates passion and success without limits. The William Pike Challenge Award sees that passion passed to a new generation of kids.

For more information or an interview with William Pike please contact:
William Pike, e: william@williampike.co.nz, ph: +64 21 240 2464
High resolution photos available on request

Fact Sheet

The WPCA actively involves the community to foster positive connections between peers, communities, school and home life. The WPCA benefits youth by exposing them to; outdoor safety, environmental education, potential career pathways, lifelong skills and hobbies and a healthy and motivated approach to life.

William Pike is a known Kiwi, sought-after inspirational speaker and a role model to youth nationally and internationally. He is the director of the William Pike Challenge Award – a popular youth development programme. He holds a Bachelor of Education with First Class Honours and is an experienced primary school teacher.

Schools in low and high socio-economic areas from Whangarei to Stewart Island are participating in the William Pike Challenge Award. See attached info graphic below.

During 2015 alone, William Pike has completed more than 50 speaking engagements to businesses, community groups, fundraising events and schools.

For more information visit WPCA’s website www.williampike.co.nz or www.facebook.com/pikechallenge


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