When did you last take a break to celebrate your successes?  At this time of year, regardless of whether you’re an educator, a student, a parent or a business person, it can be hard to find the time.  However, acknowledging even your smallest victories is crucial, and it can also help set you up to meet bigger and bolder goals.  There are many reasons why celebrating success is so important in the William Pike Challenge Awards. I urge you to check out our list, and then take a moment to treat yourself with a pat on the back.

1. Celebrating your wins marks progress

Long journeys are made up of small steps. When you meet any goal, even a little one, it shows you have a strategy for success that is moving you forward.

2. Celebrating allows you to set even higher goals

When you look back on what you’ve accomplished, and how you did it, you find ways to turn those tools and techniques towards something even more ambitious.

3. Celebrating builds your confidence

It’s very easy to focus on things you want to do, need to do and would like to do.  When you take time to celebrate the completion of any goal, you’re reminding yourself just how much capability you have.

4. Celebrating helps you learn

The moments we spend reflecting on success allow us to see our strengths and abilities more clearly, in a useful context.

5. Celebrating grows gratitude

When you take a moment to enjoy your achievements, you are focusing on the good.  It can be a paradigm shift to apply to every part of your life.

6. Celebrating allows you to share success

It usually takes the right support to reach a goal – celebrating is a way to acknowledge this and thank people who help.

7. Celebrating wins actually changes your brain 

Anticipating and enjoying achievement releases dopamine.  It’s like a prescription for a natural high!

8. Celebrating helps make success a habit

Getting used to celebrating success can help calibrate your brain to seek it more effectively.  You’ll build strategies that work and a system that craves the high of winning.

9. Celebrating your goals enables others to celebrate them too

When kids win the WPCA, it gives everyone an opportunity to recognise what they’ve done.  It can be harder to do this as an adult, but celebrating your own success provides and inviting others to share it, gives people a chance to acknowledge you too.

10. Celebrating allow you to re-energise

Stopping to look back at what you’ve done, lets you see how far you’ve travelled and that pausing to rejuvenate yourself will only power you further.

I just love seeing how much WPCA children get from achieving the goals they set for themselves.  Now, I want you to carve out some time to celebrate everything you have accomplished this year.

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