04 Apr Stuff.co.nz – William Pike inspires Karaka School students to embrace their adventurous side

A chance to take part in a range of exciting outdoor activities, engaging in community service and personal development is a reality for Karaka School children as they take part in the William Pike Challenge Award (WPCA) this year.

William Pike is an outdoor adventure amputee. He was one of two young climbers caught in a volcanic eruption on the slopes of Mount Ruapehu, in 2007. Pike suffered numerous life threatening injuries, and as a result, his right leg was amputated.

By adopting a positive attitude and thinking he was able to embrace his love of the outdoors despite his injury and developed the award which he now passes on to a new generation of Kiwi kids.

Over the year, the Karaka students will take part in six outdoor activities, 20 hours of community service and develop a new sport or hobby in order to gain the award. These experiences will give them adventurous opportunities and challenging first hand experiences to develop life skills, knowledge and awareness of their community.

The WPCA provides schools with year 7-9 students and community groups with support, resources and motivation to facilitate youth development. Resources include an online management tool for teachers and online record book for students. Students also receive ongoing inspiration and education during this year long programme.

“I’m really excited to be working with the students from Karaka School,” said Pike, who visited the school recently. “The WPCA encourages kiwi kids to embrace new challenges, enjoy the great outdoors, engage with their community, interact with positive role models.”

Teacher Kim Sutton said: “This programme will offer our students an exciting pathway for education outside the classroom and the health and physical education learning area. The establishment of positive connections across home, school, peer and community life is one of the many outcomes we look forward to.”

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