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Inspirational speaker William Pike inspires, motivates and shocks audiences with his collection of remarkable stories including surviving a freak Mount Ruapehu volcanic eruption. An eruption which claimed one of his legs, but left his drive to succeed and passion for adventure unscathed.

What William eventually learned from his Mount Ruapehu experience was, when you’re faced with challenge or change, success or failure comes down to one thing – whether you can step outside your comfort zone, or whether you can’t.

The underlying theme of William’s message as an inspirational speaker is how critical it is to step outside of your comfort zone to overcome challenge, change and achieve extraordinary things. William has an unfair advantage when it comes to talking about the necessity of stepping outside of your comfort zone!

“Nothing great was ever achieved inside your comfort zone.”

Achieve and experience the extraordinary

William strongly believes that to achieve or experience anything out of the ordinary, you first need to be able to step outside of your comfort zone. This belief shines through in his captivating and humorous keynote. By weaving relatable messages into his stories William challenges audiences to step outside of their comfort zone – to achieve their goals and experience the extraordinary.

We will all face challenge and change in our personal and business lives. After all, we’re all human. How prepared we are to step outside our comfort zones and how we react when we’re faced with adversity is what can make us extraordinary humans. William not only inspires audiences to step outside of their comfort zone, but he also helps them to look for opportunities, not obstacles and inspires them to always choose the challenging track.

William Pike Inspirational Speaker on Mount Scott in Antarctica

An adventurer at heart

As a young, enthusiastic adventurer, William spent many days and nights exploring New Zealand’s backcountry and remote locations. Places such as Antarctica and deep in the South Pacific Ocean. William’s a true adventurer at heart and an inspirational speaker and role model at work. In addition to being an accomplished inspirational speaker and Kiwi explorer, William is the director of the popular youth development programme the William Pike Challenge Award. A social enterprise which involves nearly 100 schools and has positively impacted on over 10,000 young Kiwi kids nationwide.

“I love an adventure.
I love being committed to something.
I love making sacrifices and taking risks that others aren’t willing to.
I love being a part of something money can’t buy.”

William’s a down to earth, relatable and highly sought after inspirational speaker who can tailor his stories and messages for specific business orientated outcomes. His keynote is suited for conference keynotes, after dinner addresses, awards ceremonies, and school presentations. His stage presence is relaxed, humorous and well-planned to ensure every audience feels empowered, engaged and connected.

Be prepared to relive William’s fascinating journey on the edge of your seat with an audience who will undoubtedly feel inspired to step outside their comfort zone to achieve and experience more than just ordinary.

William Pike Inspirational Speaker accepting an award

William’s Awards

William’s awards include; 2019 University of Auckland Young Distinguished Alumni Award Winner, 2017 Blake Leader Award recipient, 2015 Young New Zealander of the year finalist, 2014 KiwiBank Local Hero medal recipient.



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