07 Sep Adventures are everywhere

Sometimes all you need is to scramble up a hill, spend time staring at an empty horizon, jump into a cold creek or sleep under the stars to remind yourself what matters most to you in life.

What matters most to me is the happiness I find from spending time in NZ’s outdoors. I like going places I’ve never been before, and doing them with enthusiasm and to the best of my ability. What matters to me is taking off to somewhere wild and beautiful.

I have spent years of my life in hard to get places. I have climbed in the Southern Alps, kayaked around Stewart Island, paddled the Whanganui River, and tramped in wild and empty parts of NZ. Yet the last few years have seen me encourage other people to enjoy a taste of the adventures that I have enjoyed, which have offered me so much, and shaped me into the person I am today.

Normal people, with normal jobs and normal family commitments are unlikely to be able to go on far flung extended adventures. But I like to persuade “normal people” that they too can fit more adventure into their lives, rather than assuming that grand adventures are for “extreme outdoor enthusiasts”

We all get tied-up with the constraints in our lives: every day commitments and our 9 to 5 jobs mean that there is probably no time for fishing Great Barrier Island every day, climbing remote Fiordland Peaks or tramping for weeks on end. So I want to encourage people to try to try to fit in any adventure that they can.

I’m working to persuade New Zealanders to say, “If I can’t climb Mt. Cook, instead I’ll climb my local hill, or go for a bike ride, or sleep by the river, or escape from the big smoke for an afternoon, a day, a weekend.

If you don’t have the money to climb Mt. Cook, then climb the biggest hill you can manage in a weekend. If you don’t have the time, then make a small amount of time.

Always seek \ opportunities for adventures, not the constraints that get in the way.

The handful or regional parks and conservation areas in and around Auckland are the perfect for adventures – just jump on Google to find them.

So start getting ready for summer, the perfect time of year for an adventure. Start mapping out a your local get away – adventures are everywhere. Get back to basics and remind yourself what is most important to you in your life. 

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